• Development and innovation

    Development and innovation

  • The careful design

    The careful design

  • High-quality service

    High-quality service

  • Continuous improvement

    Continuous improvement

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Our domestic well-known as the urban and rural planning industry、Leading in the province of integrated urban and rural planning design institute,Adhering to the“Development and innovation、The careful design、High-quality service、Continuous improvement”The development of the policy,Has a strong information and technology resources and rich experience in planning services,To undertake all kinds of urban and rural planning business comprehensive ability and innovation ability,Quality and efficient to provide urban system planning for the society、The overall urban planning、Urban and rural overall planning、Partition plan、Detailed planning、Town planning、Urban construction planning in the near future、Historical and cultural city town village planning、All kinds of special planning and other statutory urban planning,And the new urbanization and city cluster
We have a veteran、The planning and design of professional technical team,Long-term undertaking various scenic spots and tourist area planning and design of the project of hubei province,Have to undertake all kinds of landscape tourism and landscape planning and business skills,Quality and efficient to provide scenic area overall planning for the society、Tourism development planning and landscape planning and landscape design, all kinds of landscape tourism and landscape planning services。
In our hospital in order to enhance urban municipal public service facilities、Improve the living environment、To ensure the safety of city operation for the purpose,Is rich in resource planning technology、Consulting service experience and senior professional technical team,Quality and efficient to provide early project planning for the society、Project feasibility study、The project site selection report and planning environmental impact assessment and other kinds of engineering consulting and project planning、Planning environmental impact assessment service;And road traffic engineering、Landscape architecture projects、Water supply and drainage engineering、Natural gas engineering、The central heating engineering、Electric power telecommunication engineering、Municipal pipeline engineering、Underground comprehensive utility tunnel engineering、Environmental sanitation engineering、Flood control engineering
We insist on science and technology for this、Legislative technology,Presided over and participated in many national and provincial planning technical standards、Scientific research projects、The provincial government major technology research and policy making,With strong scientific research innovation ability,To quality and efficient to provide planning technical standards development for the society、Planning technical regulations、Planning technology subject and technology policy research、The urban and rural social economic development and the technical analysis and application of all kinds of geospatial data,Urban and rural planning and evaluation、Urban and rural construction planning information system,For urban and rural planning industry technology progress、Urban and rural social and economic development strategy and provide technical support for the establishment of urban and rural planning。


The service sector

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To promote urban environment together、The new development

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The party construction of Shared information

Provincial capital rules courtyard party committee meeting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special democratic life
Provincial capital rules courtyard party committee secretary of the party class project
Provincial capital rules the court to carry out revolutionary tradition education
Provincial capital held court“July 1”Commendation congress and half a year working summary meeting
Provincial hospital held a group(To expand)And to learn“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education work
Provincial capital rules courtyard party committee meeting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special democratic life
Innovation is endless,ZhenGong subject
Bai-qing zhang special investigation in our national spatial planning
Provincial capital rules courtyard party committee secretary of the party class project
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This is a description information
This is a description information

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