Cyanuric acid(CA) Ammonium sulfate(AS)
Molecular formula:C3H3N3O3 The molecular weight:129.1
CAS: 108-80-5
Product use:Used in the manufacture of cyanuric acid bromide、Chloride
Content、Bromine chloride、Iodine chloride and cyanuric acid salts、Esters,Is mainly used in the synthesis of new type of sterilization...
Molecular formula:(NH4)2SO4 The molecular weight:132
CAS: 7783-20-2
Purposes:Can be directly used as chemical fertilizer,Can also be used for manufacturing Compound fertilizer、Potassium sulfate、Ammonium chloride、Ammonium persulfate, etc, In the food、Textiles、Leather、The pharmaceutical industry as well...

    Shandong walter blue group consists of shandong blue biological group co., LTD、Heze blue chemical co., LTD、Heze blue real estate co., LTD、Heze blue agricultural materials co., LTD、Juancheng county hui xing microfinance company five subsidiaries,Is the world famous production base of development of cyanuric acid,Company is located in the coast of the Yellow River is located in has a long history and culture、The merchants gathered in the juancheng county,Here the talents resources,Is the hometown of military strategist sun bin。Convenient transportation,Jingjiu railway、Ji highway running through north and south、East expressway traverses。
    The company has the abundant technical force and advanced production equipment,A senior engineer16People、Intermediate technical staff110People,Senior management personnel26People。Dominant products cyanuric acid production10Ten thousand tons,A powder、Particles;The by-product ammonium sulfate annual output15Ten thousand tons,A powder、Particles。The development and production of cyanuric acid has occupied an important position in the national and international market....


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